What is the FSLRG?

The Student Council of Aerospace and Geodesy’s (FSLRG) task is to represent to all students of the professional profiles Aerospace and Geodesy within the TUM School of Engineering and Design. Our Team is made of some of these students.

The core of the Student Council is made up of the representatives elected by the students in yearly university elections. In order to improve the students’ experiences at university as much as possible, these members are supported by a large number of their fellow students. All of them are active members of FSLRG.

Aside from making sure student interests are heard in the different political commitees of TUM, FSLRG also provides you with e.g.: fun events like the freshmen days (TOW), merchandise and informative media like the magazine [N]avi[g]ator or the podcast “ON AIR – Actually Rocket Science”.

If you would like to participate or have something bugging your mind you want to talk about, we would be more than happy to see you at our next Stundent Council Meeting!

Upcoming Events and Topics

  • Merch orders are currently processed.
  • New “Consulate of Ottobrunn” FSLRG office next to StuCafé MW! Check it out and get to know your student council.
  • Next Student Council Meeting (FSS) – 09.01. 6:30pm at MW 1050 (Johann-Bauschinger-Zeichensaal).
  • ON AIR -Actually Rocket Science #10 is out now!


Contact us and/or join our next Student Council Meeting (SCM)